Fixed Assets

The District’s Fixed Asset and Inventory Program allows the District to purchase, record, track, and report on items such as land/buildings, vehicles, and computer equipment. The Program benefits the District because it:

  • Values, tracks, and reports on Fixed Assets and Inventory Items of significant value. This enables the District to meet State and Federal Cost Accounting requirements and contributes toward the District achieving a good financial rating during annual audits.
  • Permits an annual inventory of District Fixed Assets and Inventory Items. If assets are missing, the problem is identified in a timely manner and can be corrected. Missing assets or items may be charged back to a campus or facility budget.
  • Assists in capital budget forecasting for equipment and infrastructure needs, and provides useful information for Risk Management/Insurance purposes.
  • Assists in identifying idle Surplus Property, and preventing unneeded purchases.

More information and procedures are available in the Fixed Assets section of the Financial Information Resource Manual (“FIRM”).

Craig Randall
Fixed Assets, Purchasing, Purchasing
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