Non-Compliant Purchases

By policy, all District staff are to follow the established purchase procedures for all purchases based on the dollar amount for an aggregate total per year. All purchases made by the District must follow CH (LEGAL) and CH (LOCAL) which provides guidance on the development of District administrative procedures. Information on how to make a District purchase.

When the District policy and procedures are circumvented, and an employee does not comply, the purchase will be considered non-compliant. This is also known as “maverick buying,” a term used when a department or campus purchases items or services independently and without concern of the District’s policies or procedures.

If at any point an end user or Administrator is uncertain if a purchase will be compliant, they must contact the Purchasing Office at ext. 6950 first before the purchase is made.

Purchasing card (“Pcard”) transaction violations are addressed in the Round Rock ISD Cardholder User’s Guide.

Information and the complete process for Non-Compliant Purchases.