Graphics Lab


Orders may be sent to the Graphic Arts Lab during the school year.

Laminating Guidelines​

The Graphics Arts Lab will do your laminating for you. In order to satisfactorily provide this service, you are asked to do the following:

  • Send materials to be laminated in the green delivery box (see campus librarian)
  • Larger items should be clearly marked

Follow the guidelines below:

  • 24″ is the maximum width that can be laminated at one time. Symmetrical materials, i.e. maps up to 48″, can be folded and laminated. There will be a seam on both sides
  • Materials thicker than regular poster board cannot go through the laminators
  • It isn’t advisable to use crayons as they may run due to the extreme heat of the laminators
  • It is important to use a thin material (construction paper or tagboard) when attaching pieces to the top of other material which is to be laminated. If the material is too thick to laminate, it will be returned to you
  • Material with glued objects i.e. sticks, rope, glitter, etc. cannot be laminated
  • Please remove staples, metal brads, and buttons before sending material in for laminating

Orders may be sent to the Graphic Arts Lab during the school year.

The charge for this service is $0.30 per foot.

Full Color Posters

Bring your artwork in and we can create a color poster. With our poster maker we can print up to a 23″ x 30″ poster. We also have the capability of printing on poster board. Your originals can be either electronic or hard copy, however, the best quality will be from an electronic original. Lamination of the poster is included in the price.**

**Please call for pricing.