Round Rock ISD Purchasing Compañeros Program for the Compañero (“Partner”)

What is Compañeros?
The plural definition of the word Compañeros is Spanish and means “partners, companions, equals, persons who frequently converse, members of the team, comrades”.

Compañeros Program Intent
In an effort to stay connected with the customers we serve and understand what needs they may have that can be met, the Round Rock ISD Purchasing Office has created the Compañeros program. The program’s intent is to open up the communication channel between the end users and the Purchasing Office, giving a voice to the end user directly to Purchasing staff. The Purchasing Office will use the feedback to assist in improving purchasing processes.

How Compañeros will Work
The program will pair each Purchasing Office staff person with someone from a campus or department for a specific amount of time (e.g. one semester), and then have periodic meetings to discuss the current needs and share other thoughts that may make their jobs a little easier. Topics can range from purchasing processes, communication issues, to items that may need to be considered for contract. These meetings can be as simple as an office visit, having lunch in the school cafeteria, a tour of the Purchasing Offices, Distribution Center and Print Shop, sharing a cup of coffee in the morning, or any other means the two individuals believe will work best for them.

These campus/department individuals will represent their peers to the Purchasing Office. The only thing that is asked of the campus or department Compañero is to be knowledgeable in what is happening with their peers and be willing to share pertinent issues with their Purchasing compañero, who will then become the advocate and share pertinent issues with the other Purchasing Office staff.

It is anticipated that at the end of the program period, the Purchasing Office will sponsor a Compañeros Program Reception to thank all the individuals who participated in the program and their supervisors.