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The Round Rock ISD Purchasing Office uses an e-Procurement system called eROC. This web-based system permits electronic Vendor registration, automatic Vendor notification of bid opportunities, and electronic Vendor bidding.

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If you have questions about the eROC System, including resetting your password, contact the Purchasing Dept. at 512-464-6950.


Vendors wishing to do business with Round Rock ISD are encouraged to register online in eROC. Registering your firm will allow the Purchasing Office to process and catalog information about your firm and the goods and services you are able to provide to Round Rock ISD. Generally, Vendors will then be notified when Round Rock ISD requires those types of goods and services.

Supplier Registration

Notification of Bid Opportunities

The eROC Registered Vendors will automatically receive e-mail notifications whenever Requests for Bids (RFB) or other solicitations are issued by the District for the goods and services they provide. Vendors can then access the RFB online through the system as well.

Current Bid Opportunities

Online Bidding

eROC Vendors interested in responding to the RFB and bidding can then submit a bid online by simply going online through the eROC system and providing the required pricing and other information. The Round Rock ISD Purchasing Office is eliminating paper bids.

Note: Registering your firm in eROC is only the beginning of successfully selling your goods and services to the District.

All notifications of bid opportunities will be sent to the e-mail address supplied by you. In the event of a change in your firm’s e-mail address, contact person, address, phone, etc., it is important to also change it in eROC. Otherwise your firm will never receive notifications and the opportunity for bid submittal will be lost. We also encourage you to include more than one company “User” when you register. This will ensure that at least one person in your firm receives bid notifications. Awarded Bid Information

eROC Assistance

Questions on the eROC system or help on using the system may be directed to the Purchasing Department at 512-464-6950. Answers to your questions are available during any day of the workweek.

The Round Rock ISD Purchasing Office also conducts several eROC system training sessions each year. For the date, time, and more details visit the Supplier Seminar Reservation webpage.

Thank you for your interest in doing business with our School District.

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