Purchasing Overview

The Round Rock ISD Purchasing Office is the component of the Purchasing Department that provides for the acquisition of Goods and Services, Construction, and Professional Services requested by the District’s schools and departments consistent with state and federal law, school board policies and sound business practices.

Purchasing Office Quick Reference

Status of a Purchase Requisition or Purchase Order: ext. 6950 or your assigned buyer

Reprint a Purchase Order: ext. 6950 or your assigned buyer

How to request an increase in a Pcard: ext. 5609

Information on Travel procedures: ext 6958

Use a specific vendor for professional development: ext. 6950 or your assigned buyer

As a public entity, Round Rock ISD must make its purchases within relevant statutes and policies. Although bound by these constraints, the school District’s objective is to purchase the best products, materials, and services at the lowest practical prices.

The District’s Policies and Procedures, pertaining to Purchasing are derived from State Law and are available on the FIRM website. Statute and District Policy requirements outline how school districts procure goods and services, the types of competitive processes that must be used, and the exceptions to these requirements.

Contact Us:

Any questions related to these procedures can be directed to the Round Rock ISD Purchasing Office at ext. 6950.

The Round Rock ISD Purchasing Office is open Monday through Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Jamie Spiegel
Director of Purchasing & Materials Mgmt.
Brushy Creek Complex
Danny Poolman
Purchasing Manager
Brushy Creek Complex
Kim Chappius
Buyer (Elementary Schools, Curriculum)
Brushy Creek Complex
Ellissa Slape
Buyer (Middle Schools, Maintenance / Operations)
Brushy Creek Complex
Buyer (High Schools, Business Operations)
Brushy Creek Complex
Craig Randall
Fixed Assets Specialist
Brushy Creek Complex
Donna Colburn
Purchasing Specialist (eROC)
Brushy Creek Complex
Brenda Roque
Purchasing Specialist (P-card/District Contracts)
Brushy Creek Complex
Denisa Page
Purchasing Specialist (Vendor Entry)
Brushy Creek Complex
Annette Landry
Purchasing Specialist (Travel)
Brushy Creek Complex